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About Us


My name is Aydın Eroğlu.

I was born in 1947 in Ankara, Türkiye. In the last 50 years of my life I worked as a professional tour guide licensed by the Turkish Ministry of Tourism.I will include some links which will give you an idea about my tours.While working as a guide in 1969 two ladies from Canada;a mother and her daughter sent me a letter after returning home with the picture of a pure silk Turkish Carpet that they bought during our tour.It was a wall hanging and they were both standing by the tree of life design work of art.They told me whoever came to their house and saw this carpet loved it and wanted to know where it was from.This is when I decided to learn more about our carpets,and I am still learning.In 1973 I started teaching about Turkish hand-made carpets in İstanbul.

During the last fifty years I lived six years in Vancouver,BC.Canada and worked as a travel agent and I was also asked by Turkish Travel Agents to promote Turkish Tourism on board several cruise ships.So I lectured more than sixty times on cruise ships in the Mediterrenean,Caribbean and South America.As a guide one buys and sells information and seeks to find ‘’Correct Information’’before answering questions.People are very much interrested in unbiassed ,trustworthy information and that became a mission of a lifetime for me.

In 1995 I was asked to be a consultant at a top level meeting in Florida regarding shopping in the Grand Bazaar of İstanbul with the officials of Renaissance Cruises when I introduced their CEO;Richard Kirby ‘’Satisfaction Guaranteed or Your Money is Fully Refundable’’system which was immediately accepted and had never ever been implemented before in the Grand Bazaar.Basically no one wants to be taken while spending their hard earned income so trust is a must.CNN quotes’’Information is the most important commodity in the world’’ and that is very true as long as the information is ‘’Correct’’. As a teacher of hundreds of guides,people in sales and marketing as well as guiding over half a million visitors in my country within half a century will be my legacy to the future generations is why I decided to put all this know-how open to all in this public domain.

My aim is to promote Türkiye and its longest lasting work of art;the Turkish hand-made Carpets which unfortunately is a dying art.So I will elaborate in the following section why one should visit Türkiye and end up buying these collectables which have adorned world palaces,museums and millions of homes globally in the last twentyfive hundred years.