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A peace and friendship treaty was signed on July 15,1786 between The United States of America and the Ottoman Empire in Morocco;which was part of the Ottoman Empire at that time.This happens to be the only treaty that the United States has signed in a foreign language ever since todays global super power was established in 1776.It was signed in the Ottoman language with Arabic letters.As the saying goes ''The History repeats itself''; if you want to understand what is going on today in the world today you need to look at the big picture and do your homework and read as much as you can regarding what happened before our times.I am not going to bore you with details so I think you can read more about the treaty with the source as mentioned below.

230 years later a military coup attempt occured in Türkiye on July 15,2016.I am ever so grateful to Allah that this time the coup was not successful.However 253 Turkish citizens were martyred and 2193 became veterans.I had seen the 1960,1971,1980 and the 1987  coup d'etat bocoming successful.We must not forget the e-memorandum given to the ruling Ak Party in 2007 which was published in the Military Website and that too was not successful.

As you know more about me by now from my previous blogs I lived a year in America hosted by the Benning family in Tennessee back in 1964 and 1965.Then in the last fifty years working in tourism sector I met hundreds of thousands of Americans and have been on many tours and voyages with them and learned that they have mostly good memories about Turkey and the Turks.The vice versa is also correct to an extent.We have been allies in Nato ever since 1952.So since then especially during the Cold War days Türkiye was the last fort for the Nato Alliance.So the man on the street in İstanbul and in New York have no problems with each other.So if there are problems today between our countries then we must cross question our politicians and find out what they are doing for  world peace.I learned in all those years not to be biassed.So compare President Trump with Erdoğan and see what sort of peace makers they are.Do not forget you can not end terrorism by giving or selling arms to terrorists.We do not need each other for being our enemies.In every country or religion there are local groups of people who act as enemies with each other.So there is no need to import animosity as we have ample supply of that internally.Just look at any country where you can have legal elections and see how they all accuse each other of wrongdoing.As long as the gun lobby is stronger than the peace lobby then we will never be short of Abels killing Cains.That is not what the Qur'an Al-Hujurat-The Private Apartments-Chapter 49 Verse 13 says which by the way is ''Oh men!Behold We have created you all out of a male and a female,and have made you into nations and tribes,so that you migt come to know one another.Verily the noblest of you in the sight of Allah is the one who is most deeply conscious of Him.Behold,Allah is all knowing,all aware.''

Therefore here is my take;

1-If 230 years ago todays global super power United States of America ended up paying yearly  protection money so their ships could freely trade in the Mediterrenean Sea which was then controlled by the Ottomans,and they had to pay it for fifty years according to article 25 which reads as follows''This Treaty shall continue in full Force, with the help of God for Fifty Years'' but according to most historians they stopped the payment in 1818 and broke their agreement,then any nation today if they fall short of keeping their words of honor then the Divine Justice will interfere and put it right.I do not have any doubts that His justice for all will prevail.One thing I am not sure about is how long my blog will exist in the internet or how many of my family members,friends and students will remember my words in the future that I share with you today.But Allah has it recorded as I write all this down and they will be in my book on the Day of Judgement.Thank you for reading and hopefuly this assessment will be beneficial to you.

İstanbul,Türkiye,January 06.2018,13:50 local time.

2-These days Republic of Iran is going through hard times again.It is not just Obamacare at home that is being ruled out by President Trump but the Nuclear Deal that President Obama had executed during his presidency with Iran is possibly null and void.The latest unrest in Mashhad rapidly spread to many other cities.The Iranian government officials claimed that outside forces were involved.That arguement is quite likely as the recent confession of the CIA records proved that the unrest of 1953 was organised by themselves.That is how the government of Mossadeg was overthrown by the CIA says on page 261 of their book called''The Untold History of The United States of America''.The book was written by Oliver Stone and Peter Kuznick and was published in October 2012.Many people in Türkiye today are under the same impression about all the coup attempts that took place in my country have connections to CIA involvement.You will hear more of this in the near future as history unfolds.I just wanted to mention it for the record.As President Trump travels to several countries he comes home having sold billions of dollars worth of arms which will decrease the US budget deficit but will surely increase the possibility of more global unrest.

3-The title of the next book is ''That Used To Be Us''written by Thomas L.Friedman and Michael Mandelbaum and was  published in August 2012.On page xvi it says:''We have a national debt of more than 15.7 trillion dollars which is larger than our entire annual economic output and amounts to 138,000 dollars per taxpayer;along with a roughly 1.5 trillion dollars annual deficit.''This was five years ago as some experts now claim that the national debt to be in the ballpark of 20 trillion dollars.President Trump was elected with the promise of making America Great again.On page xix the authors say''We still believe that it can be again.''Those words belong to both of them four years before President Trump was elected.

If making America Great again is by loosing 128 to 9 in the United Nations General Assembly to the Turkish proposal on Jerusalem confronting the historic signature show of the US President;then may the Grace of Allah be with us all till his term is over.

4-Finally I think I owe my American younger sister Leslie an apology for making an assessment several months ago when she sent me her picture amongst several other people protesting President Trump for his policies in the streets of New York.At that time I reminded her about her fathers remark in 1964 when Republican Barry M.Goldwater lost to Democrat Lyndon B.Johnson.Just as the election results were announced and we were having dinner in Tennessee father Tom Benning who had supported Barry M.Goldwater up to the end said''Now that we have a new President we all have to stand behind him.''That was a lesson on democracy for me when I was an exchange student from Turkey.I still believe in the old school teaching and we should all stand behind our Presidents.However I have a strong feeling right now that Leslie was right when she was out there protesting.Its either the world has changed in fifty four years or I am having difficulty in understanding!

Is this the way to go to make America Great again?

İstanbul,Türkiye 06 January 2018,20.27 local time