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Aliquam erat volutpat


This video was sent to me as a gift from one of my American students in 2010.I was introduced to her by one of my good friends involved in Tourism sector.Aret bin Agop if you remember her name please tell me so I can mention it in my blog.While I was teaching her ''The language of designs used on Turkish carpets'' she told me that a movie and a book came out this year in America and the resemblance between Turkish and Navajo Indians regarding those designs is exactly like you explained.She was kind enough to send me a copy which ever since I have been  sharing with my students and guests visiting my country.Why is this an important video?And what have I learnt by watching it other than the carpet designs being similar which I had learned in 2005?

1-This American geneticist Spencer Wells out of Stanford University in California spent some ten years leaving his young family behind and started his journey in Africa.The upshot as he labels it:We are all Africans under the skin as brothers and sisters.

2-By following the footsteps of our ancestors genetically he can prove to us that 90% of all the men in the world today come from the same Y Chromosome and 10% come from another Y Chromosome.This covers the last 50000 years and 2000 generations.The 10% belong to the men in our times living in Australia and New Zealand.However the rest 90% includes everybody living in Europe,Asia,Africa and the Americas.So we all came from Africa is the bootom line for his scientific resarch.But he has a hard time explaining scientific results to the Aboriginal peoples of Africa,Asia,Australia and the Americas including the Navajo Indians.According to the Aboriginal song lines they all come from the very land where they live today.Being prejudiced is a global problem and we all need ''Correct Information''for everything.This survey was concluded in 2010 when the world had some six billion people.

3-.During his journey Spencer Wells reached the Arctic parts of Siberia and met with the Chukchi nomadic tribe and stayed in a tent made of reindeer skin.The outside temperature was -40 degrees during daylight hours and -60 degrees in the Celcius scale at nights.Their sustenance was reindeer meet and the animals had to dig the ice to reach the lichen for their food supply.In order to find the location of the nomadic tribe their guide had to walk 400 miles to meet Spencer Well's group and each time I watched that movie on one of my coach tours in Turkey I thanked Allah for being the guide on the bus rather than the guide who looked frozen by the time he finally met with his group.

4-Then Spencer Wells talks about The Bering Land Bridge(Beringia) which was used by our ancestors who arrived in Alaska some fifteen thousand years ago and made their way down to North and South America and that is how the Navajo Indians who live in Arizona and New Mexico today arrived to their final destinations.In Western Arizona there is Tuba City where some ten thousand Navajos live today.Also Tuba is a Turkish girls name and comes from Arabic which means happiness.In the Qur'an Surah Ar-Rad(Thunder) Verse 29-13/29 says ''Tuba lehum''meaning happiness is theirs.All these resemblances with carpet designs as well as common words through languages is not a mere coincidence in my opinion.

5-I am sure you will learn a lot from this video so I will not prolong my take and leave you in peace for you to watch it.One day I will remember her name who sent me the video and the book and send her my blog so she can read it.The Arabic word ''litearafu''from Chapter 49/13 of the Qur'an is exactly reminding me to tell you that we all need each other so we can learn from one another.

6-What prompted me to share this video in my blog?Lately one of my students Dilek brought me Aziz and Rola and I spent four hours with them and promised to send them this video.I hope to see them again and hopefully they will enjoy this video in light of all the information I shared with them in that short period of time.

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