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Aliquam erat volutpat


One of the things most parents would do is to give advice to their children.Having lived a lifetime once we have children and later grand children there are those moments when these young members of our family will come and sit on our laps.That is usually a spiritual moment for most parents as they are reminded at that time about the mistakes they had made in the past.That is why they try to give advice to their offsprings so they will hopefully will not repeat those mistakes.You will often hear people say;''History repeats itself''.Well if you want to prove this saying as ''Wrong'';then try not to repeat those mistakes.

Getting to know the value of anything is a hard lesson for all of us.For a rich kid who grows up with every amenity one can think of; if you expect him to drive one of his daddies cars carefully that is hardly realistic.By the same token for another poor kid who has to join his parents while they dig for trash;just watch them have dinner with the income of the day and see how happy they are that soon their hunger will be over.So what makes those two boys ''happy''is vastly diverse.Therefore the example chosen with the above video trying to teach his son ''the value of one's life'' based on a piece of rock is very meaningful.That is why kids are encouraged to earn their own living once they are old enough so the food on their table becomes more valuable all of a sudden.

So now we can watch the following video that was sent to me from a friend.This will remind us all;'' young or old'' the value of so many things that we have but tend to underestimate their value in our lives.

A big thank you to Denzel Washington for this video message.Here is my take as to how a Muslim would feel the contentment of saying ''Thank You Allah for everything You have given to Us.Because the Qur'an teaches Muslims to pray for All not just for oneself.That is why even Allah ;the creator of All,will use ''Ene''and ''Na'' in Arabic to express Himself as the Total Provider.''Ene'' is ''I'' and ''Na'' is ''We'' in Arabic.Sometimes all that He had created before the Humans;like Angels are part of ''Na'';''We'' doing the creation.He is simply teaching us how to be happy in life by sharing the livelihood that we earn by working hard.

If you are a grateful person to Allah you must expose it with your prayers otherwise He will not give any value as explained in: Surah Al Furqan- (The Standart of True or False)-25/77 Allah Says to our Prophet:''Say unto those who believe:No weight or value would my Sustainer attach to you were it not for your prayers and faith in Him.And say unto those who deny the Truth:You have indeed given the lie to Allah's Message and in time this sin will cleave unto you''.

So next time you attend a funeral try to imagine yourself inside that box.At that moment think of all the things you would want to do if you were still alive rather than dead.Then I am sure you will understand the ''value of your life'' better.The number of people who commit suicide is so much higher in richer countries compared with the poorer ones.The poor kids family is struggling so hard to make a living so they can have something to eat for dinner while the rich kids with all the amenities that were provided to them by their parents by then, are so sick of having had every pleasure available on Earth is why they feel like there is nothing else that they should look forward to and continue their lives with.In short one can not be happy by being ungrateful to their Creator.That is why say thank You for Grace. 

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