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Aliquam erat volutpat


Today is January 05,2018 Friday and my website coordinator Hamdi Ekmen sent me this link and I wanted to share it with you all.I dedicate this blog to Hamdi and his family members.Let us make this world a better place to live in İnşAllah...İstanbul,Türkiye 12:25 local time.


Today I received  the following video from an old friend,Mehmet Ceritoğlu,and I wanted to share it with you.After what the President of Türkiye,Recep Tayyip Erdoğan had said in his latest UN speech:''The world is bigger than five''there has been some international reactions to his comments.Actually he had been saying that for sometime.This next video is from America and shows us the sentiments of Gideon Levy,a columnist at the İsraeli daily Haaretz,when he spoke at The Israeli Lobby,Aipac.As a Jewish journalist living in Israel please listen to what he says about his governments policies at home and abroad and then may be you can see why the world actually is bigger than 5.I

I would like to end this addition with an anology.In 1974 the Greek junta led by Sampson had overthown the legally elected President of Cyprus,Archibishop Makarios and the Turkish armed forces had to intervene and stop the ongoing killings with a bileteral right given to the three governments;Britain,Greece and Türkiye according to the Ankara treaty of 1960.After two weeks of fighting the Turkish forces established a green line monitored by the UN peace keeping troops between the Turkish and the Greek Cypriots.Since then in the last 44 years only five people were killed as a result of the differences between the Greek and the Turkish Cypriots.Even though this intervention was done based on the legal rights entrusted to these three governments the Greek side labelled this operation as if it was an occupation.On the other hand look at Palastine today which was occupied by Israel in 1948; how many tens of thousands of people ended up loosing their lives in the last 70 years? Therefore there is great merit in the words of Gideon Levy.

İstanbul,Türkiye,16 January 2018,Tuesday 11.40 local time