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Aliquam erat volutpat


This is a very important video for every person on planet earth.I received it in 2012 from one of my guests on one of my tours of Turkey.She was from Australia.The gentleman who has prepared it is an American.When I was in my teens there was a motto that was mentioned in the newspapers.Those were the years when social media or cell phones did not exist.''Yankee go home''was often discussed in those years when the cold war was still on.The Soviets had invaded Prag in 1968 then it was called the ''Prag Spring''.I am quite sure the people of my most favorite European town Prag in those years were saying just the opposite.''Red army go home''.Times have changed so much in fifty years it is hardly believable anymore to hear such phrases.These two nations have dominated the globe in such a way that there is no need to say ''Yankee go home''anymore.There are hundreds of US bases globally so home for America is no longer what it used to be.The general attitude in the West is when they call it ''Arab Spring'' then they think summer will come soon in those countries and they will be democratic  with free elections.Well we saw what happened in Iraq when America invaded that country in 2003.They went into Iraq to bring democracy.If you take into account how many lives were lost during the period when they were bringing democracy to another country and how much it cost them as well as it cost the US;then I can say this:next time you decide to bring democracy to another country please learn from history and do not let it repeat itself.At that price who needs democracy! If democracy was the issue would President Trump in his Middle East visit  put his hands around the globe with the leaders of Saudi Arabia and Egypt?That is hardly realistic as the ballot box in those two countries is not how they chose their leaders.

So please watch this interesting video and learn how Americans are not too pleased with the military industrial complex that is running their country.I sincerely hope that Americans like Foster Gamble and others succeed in saving their own country from being invaded by this military industrial complex.I will pray for this as I met so many wonderful people from America in more than half a century.However in every country there are also evil people serving the Satan versus God and in this battle for the betterment of our civilization we need the science that once made America great and a more peaceful environment to coexist.May be some of you do not understand what this military industrial complex is or since when are we aware of it or not so last but not the least watch the black and white tv farewell speech of President Dwight D.Eisenhower from the White House on January 17,1961.That will hopefully help you to get to the bottom of this dilemma.

Well that may not be enough watch the next one please!

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Blessings from İstanbul,Türkiye-15 January 2018,Monday 20.45 local time