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Why Türkiye (Turkey) ?

Every now and then we all feel tired and look forward to making travel plans for the holiday season.Having worked as a professional tour guide in the last fifty years one of the questions I would ask our visitors would be:’’Why did they choose Türkiye (Turkey) as a destination?’’So in this section I will elaborate some of their answers.Also I chose some videos from my past tours which I conducted and that may answer some of your questions as to why you must visit my country.


With some eighty million inhabitants, predominantly Muslim,located between Asia and Europe and a historic baggage of twelve thousand years might give you a starting point for discovery.

Geographically only 3% of Türkiye is on the European Continent while the rest is located on the Asian Continent is not the only reason why Türkiye and EU have been negotiating in the last 54 years for Turkish full membership however most commentators seem to think religion and past history between the Seljuks,the Ottomans and Europeans and their historic sentiments have played a role regarding this political stalemate.

Especially in the frame work of recent economical developments in Türkiye I noted a tremendous rise of questions from our visitors asking me why Türkiye wants to be part of a Union which is under great political and economic pressure after Brexit with the influx of refugees on their borders? Geostrategic importance of Türkiye as an energy corridor between the East and the West; being part of Nato since 1952 and hosting the second largest Nato armed forces are some of the highlights to be studied in the cradle of civilizations.